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Ruff ‘N’ Tumble Shake a Fox Product Review

The Shake ‘a’ Fox Dog Toy is an incredibly fun, soft plush toy which has been designed with a stuffing-less core, and a weighted head and tail to provide the shakeability factor that dogs love at playtime. Your pet will love to shake, swing, toss and chew this adorable toy! The Shake ‘a’ Fox Dog Toy will appeal to your pet’s natural hunting instincts and also has a hidden internal squeaker for extra fun.

Approximate Dimensions (Product):

Small – 17 x 31 x 6cm
Large – 25 x 45 x 9cm

Price: £5.89 – £6.99

Ease of use




Our rating


Good quality
Soft and cuddly
Stuff-less core works well for its purpose
We couldn't think of any cons!

What we like about the product

As soon as we got the product out of the box Indie began to shake and play with the fox. She instantly knew to swing and toss it around and she didn’t put it down for hours. The softness means it is also comfortable enough for her to snuggle up with at night. The squeak was an added bonus and just as you thought, when she had had enough playtime the fox would squeak and she was excited all over again. We have washed this product on a high heat and it is still as good as new. Definitely one her favourite toys!

What we don’t like about the product

We could not think of any downfalls for this product.

The final verdict

We would highly recommend this toy as it is sure to bring hours of fun!


Indie is a 5-month-old show Cocker Spaniel. She is loving completing her Kennel Club training and particularly enjoys her Hoopers class where she learns the ropes ready for agility when she is older. Indie loves a fuss and will lie for hours for a belly rub. She spends her days at ‘work’ or at school where she is hoping to become a reading dog for the children.

We love taking Indie out exploring. She loves finding hidden tracks in the woods and swimming in the sea and rivers. She loves stopping for a doggie ice cream in Wareham and fetching sticks in Moreton Ford.