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Ruffer and Tuffer Snake Product Review

Exclusive to Pets at Home, Ruffer and Tuffer toys are specially designed to be stronger than the average, with a unique construction that delivers added durability with superior strength. Dogs have dichromatic vision, meaning they see in yellow and blue colours, so these products are designed to make sure they’re as eye-catching as possible for dogs everywhere.

This Ruffer and Tuffer Snake with thermoplastic rubber (TPR) features, offers your dog’s mouth a captivating variety of textures to feel and enjoy as they play, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment as they explore the toy’s unique elements.

Price: £8

Ease of use




Our rating


Vibrant colour
Variety of textures
Good size
Rougher fabric
Firm shape means it is limiting
Frayed on the edges

What we like about the product

Indie played with this toy for a short period of time when we got it out of the packaging. She will use it to chew on and seems to enjoy the different materials however she rarely chooses it to play with.

What we don’t like about the product

I am not keen on the look of the product. I understand the choice of colours, however, the look of the snake itself is not appealing. The solidness of the toy makes it limiting and it is not something she carries to bed with her. Despite claiming its durability the edges have already frayed with very limited use. Apparently, it has a squeaker but due to the firmness of the product Indie has yet to find it.

The final verdict

Despite sounding good on the product summary this has not been a toy which Indie has enjoyed playing with.


Indie is a 5-month-old show Cocker Spaniel. She is loving completing her Kennel Club training and particularly enjoys her Hoopers class where she learns the ropes ready for agility when she is older. Indie loves a fuss and will lie for hours for a belly rub. She spends her days at ‘work’ or at school where she is hoping to become a reading dog for the children.

We love taking Indie out exploring. She loves finding hidden tracks in the woods and swimming in the sea and rivers. She loves stopping for a doggie ice cream in Wareham and fetching sticks in Moreton Ford.