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Nina Ottosson’s Dog Worker Puzzle review

Nina Ottosson’s Dog Worker puzzle provides entertainment and mental stimulation for your dog in the form of spinning and scooting on the hunt for treats. hollow sliding blocks and swivelling flippers hide treat which your dog has to solve how to get to.

The aim of the game is for your dog to find all of the treats you’ve hidden in the compartments – this toy offers exercise, learning and play – the perfect combination especially for those breeds that need a little more than just their daily walk. With a removable dial, it can be used for beginners, highly advanced puzzlers and every dog in between.

Nina Ottosson gives this game their Level 3 rating – it can be used with dogs of all play levels but is recommended for more challenging play, however you can still make it a little easier for your dog if they’re new to puzzles by removing certain bits and leaving some flaps open.

Price: £20-£25 Not including P&P


Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


Can be frozen
Easy to clean
Fights boredom
Durable construction
Can be challenging
Is quite heavy
Can trap dog’s teeth
Support plugs can be chewed

What we like about the product

As the Dog Worker is made from a unique composite material, the puzzle is robust and won’t splinter like real wood and it’s super easy to clean. It’s a game that can be played together as you teach your dog to solve the puzzle it can help strengthen the bond between you and your pooch.

If your dog is eating its food too quickly, you can always incorporate the Worker into your daily feeding routine. The swivelling fins and sliding pegs will help slow your dog’s munching and exercise their mind!

What we don’t like about the product

It’s a very durable toy, and while a dog should never be left alone while trying to reach the treats or kibble, we found that the rubber feet are easily chewable. This can be troublesome, so it’s important to stay with your dog while they use the puzzle to avoid the rubber from causing any problems in your dog.

Marvel, our eldest dog, managed to get his teeth trapped under the centre dial which caused him to pull back in pain and the puzzle dropped onto his foot once it was freed. He was straight back to trying to reach his favourite treats so it must not have hurt too much and if it does happen again, I would consider removing the dial before he plays with it.

The final verdict

Marvel loves this puzzle and while Harley needs to learn how it all works she is slowly getting there and manages to get some treats now and again. The Dog Worker is the perfect boredom buster and can keep your dog entertained for some time while offering an alternative to their ordinary dog bowl if they’re a bit bored of not having to work for their food.

Harley and Marvel

Marvel is a 6-year-old collie, always closely followed by his shadow, Harley, who is two. They’re two completely different dogs, Marvey Moo is a wise pooch while Harley Quinn is the clumsy one but they both keep us entertained! They love long walks on the beach, playing fetch and cuddles on the sofa.