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Nerf Mega Tuff Competition Stick Product Review

Nerf toys have been a firm favourite toy for kids and adults alike since the early 90s. They are a well-known brand who also make quality products for dogs which can be found in many online retailers, pet stores and toy shops across the UK.

The Nerf Mega Tuff Competition Stick is a lightweight dog toy made from a durable mix of tough rubber foam and TPR (thermoplastic rubber). It comes in one size and is approximately 30cm in length.

The product has a large diameter and it has been designed to withstand extended and especially vigorous chewing, therefore it is only suitable for medium/large dogs. The ropes at both ends allow for fun tug of war sessions for your dog, but it can also be used for throwing and fetching (it floats too!).

Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


High quality
Dishwasher safe
Floats on water
Difficult to grip
Hard to remove labels and tags

What we like about the product

The unique composition of the Mega Tuff Stick means that even though it’s lightweight, it is hard for large dogs to break and splinter.

It’s easy to find thanks to its bright colours (available in orange or green). It’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe and the surface is weather and water-resistant. The Mega Tuff Stick also floats on water and is good for supervised playing in the water.

The blue ropes are built into the product which means they can withstand a lot of force and minimizes the risk of the ropes coming off and becoming a choking hazard.

What we don’t like about the product

The product came with two tags that could only be removed with scissors which can be a hassle if you’re buying a toy for your dog to play with straight away. The label was attached with plastic to the solid orange end of the stick so we had to take time and care in making sure no plastic was left poking out.

The surface design has ridges and grooves, but Lulu still appeared to be having a hard time gripping it. The smooth surface kept sliding off her teeth in a tug of war until she realised she could get a firm hold on the blue rope.

The durable surface ended up with lots of teeth grooves after half an hour of play, so your dog will need to be supervised at all times in case the material weakens over time. If any damage occurs don’t let your dog play with it and discard it.

The final verdict

Overall we give this product a 7/10. It is evidently well made and of high quality, but as it’s a simple hybrid chew/rope toy, it doesn’t offer much in the ways of a challenge or mental stimulation. Lulu was unsure about this product at first, but after some encouragement she was fully invested, having some fun tugging games, chewing it and playing fetch. She didn’t play with it for very long though as she was much more interested in her other toy that bounced and had treats inside!


Lulu is an 8-year-old Collie x Staffie. Weighing 23kg, she is a gentle giant and can be found squishing her humans as she likes to think of herself as a lap dog! Lulu is just as energetic as she was when she was a puppy, and even though her muzzle is greying she is a spring chicken who loves nothing more than chasing birds around the farm she lives on. Lulu loves attention, is a massive cuddle bug and she goes crazy for her favourite Wagg treats.