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Lesotc Collapsable water bottle review

Product summary

The Lesotc portable water bottle is great for walking, camping and travelling with your dog as it’s leakproof, lightweight and convenient. Its rotating bowl at the top acts like a lid, and you simply unfold and twist the sides and squeeze to fill with water. Once your dog is done with the water, release your squeeze and the water goes back into the bottle, turn off the nozzle and fold the bowl back to its original position.

It holds 520ml of water and comes with a wrist wrap and clip for you to attach to wherever’s convenient to carry.

£22- £27 not including P&P

Ease of use




Our rating


Leakproof lock
Holds a reasonable amount of water
Wrist strap for carrying
A nice design
Awkward to use
Can’t see when the lock is on or off
Sometimes hard to get the water to go back in
Makes a funny noise filling up

What we like about the product

If you’re like me, I usually try and share my water with my dog by pouring the water into my hand or their mouth from a normal bottle which ends up wasting quite a lot. The Lesotc Collapsable bottle helps prevent wastage and provides your dog with their own compact bowl and even allows you to reuse the water they don’t end up drinking.

It’s a nice size and holds around 500ml of water which is a good amount for a walk with a small-medium dog and is a handy alternative to other bottles and bowls on car journeys.

What we don’t like about the product

Lilly found this one a bit scary and I must admit it was not obvious how to use it at first. Like most people, I didn’t read the instructions before trying it, took the cup and filled it up with water, wondering what the straw was for. It was only until we got back home from our walk, we realised you could fold the soft bowl the other way and squeeze the bottle to fill it with water. Oops!

Whilst filling the bottle, Lilly barked as it made a funny sound and then decided she didn’t want to drink from it. So, if you have a sensitive pooch, it might be best to do this away from your dog.

The lock that’s placed in the centre of the bowl was a bit fiddly to turn and I struggled to read the open/close writing so wasn’t able to retract the water back into the bottle as I kept getting it wrong and this became a bit of a hassle.

It’s more like a large cup in size, so when you hang this on a rucksack it feels a little heavy, but it does have a wrist strap for carrying that we found a little uncomfortable to hold as the bottle is quite wide.

The final verdict

I found that the bottle wasn’t as easy to use as I expected. Lilly didn’t approve and got spooked by the funny sound it made as it sucked the water into the bowl. It might take a few more attempts to get her used to it and she would probably drink from the bowl if she was thirsty.

She did drink out of it when I detached the bowl but it ended moving everywhere and wasn’t very stable, however as we discovered this wasn’t the right way to use the Lesotc bottle.


Lilly is an 8-year-old Maltese x Shih Tzu with a big personality. She is well-loved around Salisbury and is also known as the Animal Friends Marketing office dog. Her little paws have travelled hundreds of miles around the country from hiking to the top of Snowdon, to Pen y Fan and through the lakes down to the Dorset coastline, she loves adventures and lots of attention.

Her favourite thing is playing with her Kong treat ball to get her sausage treats out. She looks forward to this at 7 pm every night. And if you don’t have any sausages, she will just chuck the toy in front of you demanding playtime.