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Iokheira Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers

The Iokheira is a flexible chew toy for medium to large dogs made from environmentally friendly, food-grade natural rubber.

It has a unique dumbbell design consisting of lots of different textures and grooves to help keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy. It is very lightweight at only 300 grams and sized approximately 20cm x 9cm.

The are 2 food holes and 2 ‘leak holes’ in the chew toy to fill with dog treats and ensure your dog can get them out.

Ease of use



Entertainment value

Our rating


Easy to get treats in and out
Helps keep teeth clean and healthy
Looks cheaply made
Rubber seals look like they could split
Elements that look like they could come off and cause a choking hazard

What we like about the product

The Iokheira is a fun and unique dog toy that has lots of different textures which could help keep a dog’s teeth clean. It is tough yet flexible and can easily be wiped down to clean it. The natural rubber means that it’s made to withstand vigorous chewing by large teeth.

The product is very lightweight and easy to throw far for your dog to fetch, and it is easy for your dog to grip with their teeth.

The numerous small holes in the toy allow for dog treats to be put in and extracted easily, allowing for increased interest, and offering mental stimulation.

What we don’t like about the product

Our first impressions were that the toy looked cheaply made and poorly finished, and we didn’t trust it with Lulu who is a very large dog and a vigorous chewer. She has destroyed toys similar to this in the past, so we were careful in supervising her at all times.

Some of the rubber seals had rough ends and looked like they could be easily split, as the rubber used is quite thin compared to other rubber-made toy products we have reviewed. We were concerned about giving it to Lulu as the ‘chess pieces’ look like they could be chewed off and swallowed at any moment.

The product seller made loose claims about this product that we found hard to believe, as they didn’t have anything to prove these claims such as “this product solves the problems of obesity, barking and loneliness”.

We didn’t like that this was the most expensive product out of the 3 that Lulu reviewed, as it was definitely the lowest quality out of the 3 – we don’t think it’s worth £19.99 and we wouldn’t buy it again.

The final verdict

We give the Iokheira a neutral 5/10. While we were unsure about the quality of the product, we did like the fact that it came with a disclaimer to say that fatigue occurs when being chewed constantly, as with all dog toys. While she did take part in fetch, her efforts were half-hearted and she wasn’t very interested. She didn’t seem to want to spend lots of time chewing it as she does with her other toys and she only played with it for a few minutes before going back to asking us to throw her other toys! We will have to wait and see if she picks up interest in the future, to be able to see if the Iokheira stands the test of time.


Lulu is an 8-year-old Collie x Staffie. Weighing 23kg, she is a gentle giant and can be found squishing her humans as she likes to think of herself as a lap dog! Lulu is just as energetic as she was when she was a puppy, and even though her muzzle is graying she is a spring chicken who loves nothing more than chasing birds around the farm she lives on. Lulu loves attention, is a massive cuddle bug and she goes crazy for her favourite Wagg treats.