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Why Vote for Celia Hammond Animal Trust?

celia hammond with cat

The Celia Hammond Animal Trust is thrilled to have reached the final round of the Animal Friends Pet Insurance £100,000 Charity Giveaway! If we were to win this amazing donation, it would enable us to reach and help more animals that are in desperate need of our care and to purchase essential veterinary equipment that we need to expand the services we offer.

No-Kill policy – veterinary & rehoming services

Our brilliant rescue teams work round the clock bringing sick, stray, and seriously injured animals to safety. We are a no-kill shelter and those that are not terminally ill or hopelessly injured and beyond veterinary help are nursed back to health and rehomed – over 5,000 last year. We are regularly called out by the police, social services and mental health teams when people have died, been evicted, arrested or hospitalised and attend very challenging and often distressing situations on a daily basis.

vet with cat at Celia Hammond Animal Trust

Neutering scheme

We run a free Trap Neuter and Return scheme for feral cats. This essential service helps prevent the birth of thousands of feral kittens on the streets. We return neutered cats to their own environment when we can be sure they are being fed, cared for and have shelter. In dangerous situations e.g. demolition/building sites, we take them to our sanctuary for homing on farms and stables.

Non-discriminatory low-income treatment

We also provide a full veterinary service for thousands of cats and dogs every year and are the only charity veterinary clinics in London that do not insist on low-income pet owners being on benefit or living in a certain postcode before we accept their pets for treatment. So many people now are not on benefit but are struggling financially and cannot afford the cost of private veterinary fees – treatment at our clinics can mean the difference between life and death for their pets. We take referrals from across London and beyond from vets whose clients cannot afford essential lifesaving treatment, and charge a fraction of the costs.

Our finances are always stretched to the limit, particularly as so many of our patients are strays with no-one to contribute to the cost of their treatment. We do so hope people will vote for CHAT in recognition of the unique and important services we offer to animals in need.


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