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Pre-existing conditions and how it works

Pet insurance policies are a minefield in the calmest of times but can seem even more complicated in the event of an emergency involving a loved pet. Some of the terms are more common than others, but they’re all as equally important to understand.

Pre-existing conditions is one of these pet insurance terms that a policyholder might discover in the event of a claim, or a word a customer comes across while setting up a policy. But what is a pre-existing condition and how does it work?

We look at deciphering some of the industry’s confusing terminology as part of our Pet Insurance 101 campaign, to help our customers and other pet-people to truly understand their policies.

What is a pre-existing condition?

A pre-existing condition is an accident or illness that occurred or showed symptoms before you bought a pet insurance policy or during your policy’s waiting period even if no treatment was needed at the time.

Pre-existing conditions and how it works

Do you cover pre-existing conditions?

Unfortunately, we do not cover pre-existing conditions, but we do offer our pet insurance policies for pets over 4 weeks old so that you have can insure your best friend as soon as they’re home with you and, hopefully, before they’re involved in an accident or become ill.

How do pre-existing conditions work?

When you get a quote from Animal Friends, we ask if your pet has been to the vets in the past or has suffered from any pre-existing conditions, this is so we can let you know if there would be any exclusions placed on your policy.

If you forget to tell us and make a claim, we receive your pet’s medical history from your vets. From this information, we can see if your pet has anything that would be classed as a pre-existing condition or if you are claiming for a condition that has the same diagnosis as a condition your pet had before you took out the cover.

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